Edgewood Estates has been serving our tenants needs since 1974; providing the very best rental accommodation and services for the Winnipeg community. Our staff have always been committed to ensure clean, comfortable, and secure homes. Join us in our newest luxury rental building.

Our Leasing and Office Staff
Onsite office staff are happy to answer all of your questions and assist in any issues that arise while living with us. Providing concierge type services, and assisting in everything in order to make your move to Edgewood Estates transparent. Our office team is there to help you make Edgewood your new home, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Our Maintenance Staff
The onsite Maintenance staff work together with the office staff to repair any unforeseen issues quickly. Maintenance staff also ensure building facilities are well maintained and kept in top service. They are also here to help you with any small maintenance duties around your home.
Our Housekeeping Staff
Our in-house housekeeping staff assist is keeping the building looking its best, especially in those winter months, keeping the floors and common areas clean and tidy. Upon request, our housekeeping staff can be sent to your unit for in suite cleaning. Availability for in suite cleaning is limited, additional fees apply.